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Partnership offer for start-ups

No illusions – the way from a start-up to a company operating effectively on international markets is much longer and much more difficult than business textbook tell you.

We have experienced and overcome these adversities.

Therefore, based on the experience gained, we strengthen and help young companies to develop so that their innovation could be introduced into international markets and achieved market success.

If you do not want to be an eternal start-up, take advantage of the support of people who have already gone through the difficult path from innovation to industrial implementation and sales development on the market.

Partnership offer for start-ups

Our support begins at the stage of technology testing in the market and development of technical and functional parameters of the product based on information obtained from the market in order to optimize the product or solution in terms of market needs.

We support the companies we have invested in in the following fields:

  • refining the market version of the product
  • development of production
  • sales and marketing
  • logistics and operations
  • finance and cashflow management
  • export and international expansion
  • completing and developing the team
  • takeovers and acquisitions of potential competitors
  • legal and business security

Partnership with VC funds

You have spent a lot of time researching good ideas and promising innovations on the market.

Some of the companies in which you have invested are able to succeed. However, they will face many internal and external barriers.

Over 80% of promising start-ups slows down or stops development at an early stage. The most common barriers include:

  • quality of personnel, which was enough to create a prototype, but not to scale it up,
  • financing – in theory there is a lot of capital on the market, but the terms of cooperation are hard,
  • costs of international expansion.


Our experience indicates that to enter European countries with success, you need to invest up to 10 times more than in development in the country of origin.

Let’s talk.

Partnership with VC funds

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