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Unconventional energy sources

Unconventional energy sources

Over the last half a century, the global energy consumption has increased fourfold, but the conventional energy sources are shrinking. Alternative energy sources, which over the last several years have developed ten times faster than the fossil fuel industry, represent an opportunity for the environment and the economy alike. Innovations in such areas as photovoltaics, geothermal energy and clean coal technologies, including blue coal projects, are extremely promising.

RHowever, in such a competitive market as that of the energy sector, developing a firm to a large corporation is a time-consuming, expensive and complicated process. To generate value for its users, a technology must find its application in the form of a ready product or solution. This requires not only technological competence, but also management, sales and marketing skills.

Innovations in the energy sector will pave the way to new solutions which will completely change the face of the global energy market. We are looking for such projects to invest in them and support their creators in their evolution.

Areas of our special interest:


Internet of Things


New materials and solutions for the industry

Modern construction materials

Unconventional energy sources

The list is not closed – should you have a revolutionary concept, we are open to your ideas.

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