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The growing population which drives an increase in the global demand for food, as well as the shortage of agricultural land, cause agriculture to take a completely different course. It is necessary to increase the efficiency of farming production while reducing the consumption of natural resources. This is made possible, for example, by using satellite technologies in agriculture, recycling of waste and obtaining protein from alternative sources.

Many other innovative solutions are currently known only to a small group of scientists, and the road from invention to a dominant market position is long and winding. To cover that distance, you not only need a product or a solution that presents a significant value for users, but also production, logistics and marketing competencies.

Innovation in agriculture should be transformed into technologies and be put on the market to benefit us all. We are looking for companies offering innovative solutions and products that provide a competitive edge in agriculture or create a completely new market. We are ready to invest in and support them so that small, innovative agricultural companies can become important players on the European market.

Areas of our special interest:


Internet of Things


New materials and solutions for the industry

Modern construction materials

Unconventional energy sources

The list is not closed – should you have a revolutionary concept, we are open to your ideas.

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